Do you Sell vs Share?


nice-to-meet-you-1185863_1280Often I hear people introduce themselves by saying,”Hello, my name is Sally Sunshine”  and I sell  shine bright candles”   I must admit I use to do the same thing.   However, it oftens has  people putting up that wall to shield themselves from yet another sales pitch.

When we introduce ourselves we should state our name and what we share instead of  sell.  Infact one should not mention their business at all but give a picture of what we do, leaving the person wanting to know more.

For instance If one’s business was lotions and potions one might say. “I help people love the skin nature gave them”.   Your Business kitchen ware?  One might say “I offer wonderful tools to assist you in making your family meals with love”.   Weight loss product  perhaps you might say “I offer people hope and encourage them to find happiness while getting healthy”

Get creative, hone your introduction and remember sharing is  caring .