Over 50 is Not the Time To Slow Down


Recently I was confronted with the fact that I am getting older,  What the ^&%%$ !!

I was at a family event and someone said “so and so is getting old”   Now this would not normally alarm me I would just move on…… Except the person they were speaking about was a few years younger than me!!!

I just could not let the group of people go on thinking that age defines who we are.  I am the first to admit I use to think If someone was over 50 they had one foot in the grave and their life was over.

Why is it society  does this?  I admit it is not as bad as it use to be, since we humans are living longer.

Here are a few wonderful things I have found after reaching 50.

  1.  I am more  Comfortable in my own skin-  I am not as self conscience about fitting in.
  2.  I can let things go- I do not dwell on who said what to whom.
  3.  I now know If it is to be it it is up to me to make it happen.
  4.  Life is a journey not a Destination!

For anyone out there that is feeling like the glass in empty, unsatisfied, sad, or lonely  remember  YOU are in charge of your life. Get connected with 5 people you want to be like .  Please remember…… If you choose those just like you now your circumstances WILL not change.

If you are retired, find something to do, volunteer or perhaps become an entrepreneur (you choose the speed to work)  These are great ways to make friends and better yet mentor others.  It is our time to give back to others.

If you know someone that needs to be reminded that Life is a journey not a destination and should be enjoyed at all stops along the way  please feel free to share this with them.

Journey to Live my Life to the Max

The other day I realized I am coming up on my 1 year anniversary with my quest to take my life (an how I feel) into my own hands.    I would no longer sit by and feel sorry for myself that I  was overweight, in pain and very depressed.

Funny how this all centered around my birthday (I never let the number affect me), However It is a time I stop and look back, reflect and then move forward.  Funny, I always have major changes at this time .

This year a new product was introduced in my primary business.  It was so  revolutionary I of course was a HUGE skeptic and decided to share my journey  as I started using it.   Since I hold Integrity  very dear, I will be brutally honest, after all this is MY journey!


Day 1-  I woke up very  early (about 4:30 am)  I had to be to my temp assignment at 9:00 and wanted to make sure I got my  post done for the day.    I applied three sprays under my tounge per the instructions.   I must admit I did not feel anything  on the first application.

About 10:00 am  I decided It was time for a second application…..  Now this one I felt within 10 minutes, it was slow and gradual.   What did I notice first?   I noticed I did not feel like I need a break, and very clear mind too….  woo hoo!

Third application for the day was taken at 2:00 pm as I was getting in my car to go home.   My normal routine when I temp for the day  is come in door, put on yoga pants and tank top  and lay down for 20 minutes.   No matter what I tell  myself I have found I needed this.  That is until  Now………   I came home and did some housework,  a livestream, made several post  and jumped on a conference call.   I was shocked at how much I accomplished that afternoon and evening.

Day 2 was not so good (not due to the product)  as I forgot to eat, and drink my water for the day.  Big Big mistake.   I actually got a huge reminder that one must always drink plenty of fluid during the day.  It also reminded me to pack some healthy snacks to keep my “tank full” for the day.

Day 3  I must admit I was a little leary to take the product as I was still feeling a little weak from the previous night’s  adventure.  What I forgot to mention is I fainted due to dehydration and the paramedics (omg how embarrassing) wanted me to go get hydrated  vs letting me just go home.

I did however drink lots of liquids during the night and decided the product might just help me get through the day.    I will not lie,  the day was tough as I did go to my temp assignment for the day.   I used the product at  7:00 am,    11:00 am, and again at 3:00 pm.    I did have more mental clarity, however I was still a little weak and did go home and rest.

I look forward to this journey and sharing more, please feel free to join me  on facebook  and/or check back to see/hear how this journey is going as I take my life to the Max.