The Buzz about Bugs

they are coming, are you ready?
they are coming, are you ready?

Sitting on my deck last night I was noticing all of the bug activity.  One thing is for certain, with summer right around the corner so are the onslaught of more bugs.

The news is full of stories about the Zika virus.  I often look at what the CDC is saying about this terrible fast spreading disease.  Prevention is the key.  The CDC information is a great place to start your research.

If you are bothered by bugs like I am, they think of me as their feeding ground be sure and arm yourself before heading out  in the wild.

One way I fend off and arm myself is using a Natural bug repellent. I keep it at hand  throughout the summer.

Going camping or having a outdoor gathering?  Take strips of cloth immerse with bug repellant and hang those strips around the area.   Spray your clothes often and keep yourself covered up.   The more skin exposed the more for those pesky bugs to dine on.



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