Foaming Face Wash

Geranium & Frankincense Foaming Face Wash (1)


I was experimenting with Essential Oils  on the search of the perfect face wash for my  “mature” and delicate skin.   I nailed it on this one and just had to share .


  • 3/4 cup distilled water
  • 2 1/2 Tablespoon  unscented Castle Soap
  • 1 teaspoon Vitamin E Oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon Carrier Oil ( I used Immerse by Purely)
  • 2 drops Frankincense Essential Oil
  • 1 drop Geranium Essential Oil

Place in Foaming dispenser    foaming face wash bottle

I chose  to you use Immerse from Purely do to the fact it is a wonderful Carrier oil that has  Grapeseed, Jojoba Seed, Fractionated Coconut, Camellia Seed and Apricot Kernel Oil.   I call this the Mac Daddy of Carrier Oils.



Pounds Vs Inches Day 1

Today May 7th 2016  I start my journey with hope and determination.

Today I dared to weigh myself and take my measurements.   I was very sad  that I had to find a real tape measure (the little one I had was not big enough).   I am not brave enough to share my weight right at this moment, I am however posting my Day 1 pictures.

DAY 1 5-7-2016 FRONT
The Day it all Begin
DAY 1 5-7-2016 SIDE
Time to Change this View

DAY 1 5-7-2016 BACK

When did this happen?

Since my journey is all about finding the real me (under all of the extra layers) and finding out what makes me feel better losing pounds or inches. I thought it best to share all of me .

My first part of this Challenge takes 24 days- Goal is  12 lbs or 12 ” or a combination of the two.

If you are tired of feeling  tired, achy, (you know too much weight on those joints)  and ready to  take the leap I would love to have you join me.

Journeys are always more fun when you have others to share it with.


Cute & Hairy but Not so Nice

This Little Creature can  eat and eat, destroying everything it its path.

In fact we have had these little pests come and visit my favorite tree in my yard for the Past few years.

I have tried many over the counter bug solutions, some of them were rather toxic. Before you say anything, I know what you are thinking.  I thought she was into Natural solutions.   That was then,  This is now.

Last year my husband was going to take  matters into his own hands and cut out a few of the branches and burnt them.  I was so excited, thought that did the trick.   WRONG this is what I saw within three days of him doing it his way.

I decided to take matters into my own  hands and see what I could do.

I took my Deflect blend (from Purely ) about 10 drops or so and about 1 Tsp of Dawn Dishwashing Soap and about 2 cups water mixed them together and mixed in a spray bottle.

I sprayed that tree with all of my might.  I must admit I was quite a sight with my Tiara and all.

They all died within a few hours.

  I have my spray bottle and fixins ready to swing into action  This year should They dare to appear.

Don’t Let those Bugs get the best of you.  Remember God Made an Oil for that.

For more info on  ways to get protection this year from this and other pesky bugs visit

 Purely Labs 

Essential Oils- Natures Bounty

How I found Essential OIls
How I found Essential OIls

Why use Essential Oils?  Many people are asking that same question every day.   Essential Oils have been around for Hundreds of years and used for medicinal purpose.   When Modern medicine  came into the picture  many relied on  Pharmaceuticals.

I am excited that  the tide is a changing,  Some Medical facilities are starting to incorporate Essential Oils into the main stream.   Can we all say YIPPEE !

My adventure with Essential Oils started with  dabbling with some store brands  to put in the bathtub,  On Dec 24th 2013 I received my Simply Aroma Starter Kit.  This Day is the day my life changed.

I quickly came to the conclusion not all Essential Oils are created equal.   When using Essential Oils for any reason you want to use high Quality Pure Oil.  Purely offers the real McCoy so to speak.

My first discovery was with getting a good nights sleep  when I used Relaxation (a Purely Blend)  I  was able to finally ditch my Ambien .

Since that day I have been exploring the many ways to use Essential Oils.

My passion is to help others incorporate Essential Oils into Their everyday life.


Does Sleep Elude you?

Sleep, we all need it  right?    how often do you lie in bed and think

I gotta go to sleep,   I must go to sleep,  Will I go to sleep tonight ?

Many people are in the same boat.


In fact I have been in this boat many nights myself.   I know you are now asking yourself   I know I cannot sleep, now what can I do to get some sleep?


Here are a few essential Oils that have known to  help induce sleep .



cart-752079_1280Studies have shown Lavender helps promote sleep.   Weather you diffuse, bath or use topically, Lavender is the first essential Oil I reach for  to get some rest. Misting my pillows  is most blissful.


The next Oil I would reach for is  Roman Chamomile as it   is known to  relax the mind and body and promote a restful night sleep.  I like to  put this in in my diffuser  on my nightstand.   It puts me in a very restful state

Now this next one just might shock and surprise you, it has been my life savor.  Are you curious?   I would be

The oil I reach for  to totally shut my brain of is Vetiver,  What is vetiver you ask?

Vetiver is a Grass  licorice-67608_1280

Vetiver has a very earthy aroma that is very comforting, some have a difficult time getting use to the aroma as it is a very strong aroma.   Once they get use to it   it is like a security blanket, warm and welcoming .

My preferred method of use  is one drop  on fingertip (with carrier oil) rubbed behind each ear.


Whether you use diffusion, bath or topical means of use   Essential oils may just be what the Dr orders for a restful night’s sleep bed-1013957_1280

* You must not rely on the information on this website as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.





Away Darn Spots

I love a shiny sink, I have a stainless steel sink that looks dirty five minutes after I clean it.

My Dishwasher mocks me by showing off its new grimy fingerprints and little water drops on its door.

We won’t even talk about the Refrigerator (It’s just too painful).




I could support a small family for a month on the money I have spent trying to find a fix.  Unfortunately all of those fixes also had many toxic chemicals and did not work.


One day while investigating Olive Oil (yes Olive Oil) I saw something that showed how to keep your stainless steel shiny.   I grabbed my bottle of olive oil and went to town.

I quickly found all Olive Oils are not created equal.

Surprise, Stainless steel loves EVOO!


Take a soft damp cloth and wipe down your sink, and other appliances.  Next wipe dry.   Take a soft cloth and apply a quarter size of Olive Oil.   Start wiping down appliance/sink.

You will Love the results.

Shines Like new
Shines Like new

Have fun, Turn the music on.  Grab your Olive Oil and Shine Shine Shine

Can one really Change their Mood with Essential Oils?

I was thinking about Essential Oils the other day, when I heard my friend mention that she had Diffused Wild Orange right after her Grandma passed away.  I asked her why she chose that oil.

She said It just brightened the mood in the room.  She said you could almost feel the exact moment the mood lightened.

 At times we feel a little blue and wondering what we should do.  Many people do one of two things.

 1. Ignore it,

2. Go to the Dr. for some Pharmaceuticals.

 I am one who in the past would do both, Ignore it and then go to the Dr.  And take whatever Drugs he Tossed my way.

I have seen the effects of what happens when someone is over medicated because of Depression.  You see I have a family Member who cannot really remember 4 years of her young adult Life. Why you ask? The drugs that were given her day in and day out.

 I am happy to admit, she now uses Lavender occasionally and with the help of her canine companion no longer succumbs to the prescribed drugs.

Depression comes in so many shapes, sizes and feeling to us.   Anxiety, Depression, Melancholy, even some anxiety can be likened in that lot.

 Do you know someone that suffers from feeling  blue, or has a full blown case of Depression, Aggression, or could use a boost of confidence? Natural remedies such as Essential Oils may be a great aid to many depression needs.

One would always want to check with your medical person.  However one might just want to

Give one of these a try.

 Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease