Grandma The Best Title Ever

I  gained the Title of Grandma at a very young age.   Most women would not want that title  however I cherished it with open arms. Many come up with a cute title as to not admit they are a Grandma, not me I declared I am a Grandma.

Being a young Grandma entitled me to roll around on the floor, chase (and be chased)   go down the slides at the playground and oh so much more.

When someone would ask one of my Grandsons  “is that your momie” and they would declare  “No silly, That is my Grandma”

This is one of my favorite pictures of my Grandsons
This is one of my favorite pictures of my Grandsons

I am the proud Grandma of three Teenage boys (oh where did the years go).   Happy to say I was at each of the births, even cutting the cord  for the youngest one.

One thing I learned right off the bat,  your grandchildren will look at you with love and adoration that their parents never did or ever will.

My grandbabies are 18,16 and 14  Christmas 2016



it won’t be long before I hear the words  “this is your Great Grandma”

Let’s just hope it is a few years away as I want my Grandsons to enjoy life before they take on a family.


Stop and Smell the Roses

We woman, myself included  get so busy in our day to day lives  we forget to Enjoy our life.

Do you find yourself at the end of the day Tired and exhausted and a little sad?

Why is this?   It is because we forget to stop and smell the roses.

The Roses I am referring to  are not the proverbial roses, even though those are quite pleasant  indeed.


I am referring to the roses of life, our Children, spouses and all the other people in our lives.


Roses  that give us joy – our hobbies,  just taking a walk and sitting on a bench and just enjoying life


When was the last time you smiled and said  ” In this moment I am happy”?

If you are like me, and get so busy with “life”  try this little trick.   Set your alarm (at a different time each day)   To

Stop, take a break   and to smell the beautiful essence called Life.