Why Does The Tiara Toting Oil Lady Tote her Tiara?

tiara diana Many people ask me  “Why do you Tote your Tiara”  My quick answer is   “I do not want Tiara Hair?  you know  like hat head.

Actually My Tiara found me,   you see, I use to Be a consultant for Premier Designs (high Fashion Jewelry)  around my area I was known as the Bling Queen.   When I decided to  start a new endeavor with Simply Aroma (now Purely)  The Ceo and the other Advisors called me Lady Di.

One thing led to another and one day while working with my Business coach Sue Simpson she said  “If you want to succeed in today’s world you need to  Brand Yourself.   That day  Diana the Tiara Toting Oil Lady  was  born.

Branding yourself is very important as it let’s people know who you are.   Funny Story   I was in the Charlotte Airport and someone came up to me and ask me  “Where is your Tiara”  now, since I did not know who she was  I was like  “what”  and she said I am a friend of yours on facebook.   She then went on to say  she forgot my name but did know I was the Tiara Toting Oil Lady.     It was that day I knew   The Tiara was a good fit.

As the Tiara Toting Oil Lady   I share about Essential Oils and other Purely Product.    Tiara also shares about  Life and Business tips.

The chatter of Group Messages – Beware of your response

I recently received a group  text which is very similar to a group message on any other social media?

I find these to be very reminiscent of the old party line.  I know some of you young whippersnappers ( now kindly referred to as millennials)  are asking yourself  “what is a party line”

birds-1162384_1280 (1)

A party line was where many families had share the same land line. We all had our own phone numbers however each home had a specific ring.    You guessed it anyone could pick up and hear  Mrs Smith  Telling Mrs Jones  the latest town gossip.

Now fast forward to 2016 and group messages.   When I receive a group message (if it grabs my attention)  I quickly respond.  Oh the Horror if I respond and not realize it is a group text.

here is an Example .

“I am collecting orders for  fancy pants  leg warmers   do you want some”

I quickly respond  “no thank you, I gave them up in the 80’s”

then I get a response  ” that was not nice, can you support her”

followed by ” you are a mean woman”

followed by   ” I would like a latte with my order”

the person who originated the text says   ” thank you for letting me know”

followed by  “who sent this message”   “I do not care, nor do i want any”


Now as you can see this can quickly spiral out of hand and may cause someone to get a case of Ruffled feather syndrome.


what should you do instead?  Send a message to many Individually.

What you say?     I say yes look into it, save people from the dreaded Ruffled feather Syndrome.

May your feathers remain unruffled!