Over 50 is Not the Time To Slow Down


Recently I was confronted with the fact that I am getting older,  What the ^&%%$ !!

I was at a family event and someone said “so and so is getting old”   Now this would not normally alarm me I would just move on…… Except the person they were speaking about was a few years younger than me!!!

I just could not let the group of people go on thinking that age defines who we are.  I am the first to admit I use to think If someone was over 50 they had one foot in the grave and their life was over.

Why is it society  does this?  I admit it is not as bad as it use to be, since we humans are living longer.

Here are a few wonderful things I have found after reaching 50.

  1.  I am more  Comfortable in my own skin-  I am not as self conscience about fitting in.
  2.  I can let things go- I do not dwell on who said what to whom.
  3.  I now know If it is to be it it is up to me to make it happen.
  4.  Life is a journey not a Destination!

For anyone out there that is feeling like the glass in empty, unsatisfied, sad, or lonely  remember  YOU are in charge of your life. Get connected with 5 people you want to be like .  Please remember…… If you choose those just like you now your circumstances WILL not change.

If you are retired, find something to do, volunteer or perhaps become an entrepreneur (you choose the speed to work)  These are great ways to make friends and better yet mentor others.  It is our time to give back to others.

If you know someone that needs to be reminded that Life is a journey not a destination and should be enjoyed at all stops along the way  please feel free to share this with them.

Why set a Resolution?


When the end of the Year gets near most of us start thinking about how we want to change  things to better ourselves in the New Year.

What if we did this all year long vs  a month , what do you think the outcome would be?

This year I am throwing tradition out the window…..  I am working on being the best I can be all year long!
I know you are sitting there thinking “sure you are”.

How am I going to  do this?

I have am working with  a group of people  that are tired  being distracted by Squirrels,   I know how that feels I HAVE BEEN IN THAT BOAT TOO!

How does this group work?   We all work at staying on task each day with some very simple tools.  Getting back to basics with a Day timer, a Day Plan and a very simple worksheet.   Once we master the task of staying focused we will introduce  simple things to help each person be a more productive  worker.   Focus  is huge, too many of us get sidetracked by shiny objects (did you just see that squirrel run by)

You Thought I was joking?

If you have found yourself up that same tree and would like a way to “get back on track”  feel free to join us,  we are working from a facebook group.

To get started just click here

There is no better time than Right NOW to get started, Why wait until after the New Year!!!

No time in the morning for breakfast?

I never use to  eat breakfast, I felt I did not have the time.  Then I decided to start going to  that famous coffee shop and grab something with my morning cup of coffee. Results? I gained weight an spent way too much money.

That was  before I left the corporate grind…….  I then started having my morning coffee at home and started eating from the time I got up to the time I went to  bed.  NOT a healthy start to my  daily grind.  Results…. gained weight.

What was my solution?  I started making a frittata with eggs and vegetables  this was all I needed until lunch.  This was a great fix  and not having to think about what I was going to have was a bonus.

Recently I took a part time job that has me out of the house before six am a few days a week.  I have learned that If I do not eat breakfast I am not my best.   The hunt was on for a quick fix to  make sure I made sure I ate.    I figured this may be a dilemma for others so here is one for you to try.

Scrambled Egg Medley

This was so super easy, the best part….  I can  make it Sunday for the whole week.


six eggs (farm fresh is best)

sausage ( I like Turkey )

Vegetables (get creative )




fresh spices, salt & Pepper

cheese if you please

Mix together

 Pour into muffin tins ( I love the pampered chef brownie pan), spray the pan with oil before pouring the medley in.  bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes  (make sure they are cooked thoroughly ). Let rest until cool

When ready to eat heat in microwave.  Get creative  add a slice of avocado, English muffin and or have with fruit.


Journey to Live my Life to the Max

The other day I realized I am coming up on my 1 year anniversary with my quest to take my life (an how I feel) into my own hands.    I would no longer sit by and feel sorry for myself that I  was overweight, in pain and very depressed.

Funny how this all centered around my birthday (I never let the number affect me), However It is a time I stop and look back, reflect and then move forward.  Funny, I always have major changes at this time .

This year a new product was introduced in my primary business.  It was so  revolutionary I of course was a HUGE skeptic and decided to share my journey  as I started using it.   Since I hold Integrity  very dear, I will be brutally honest, after all this is MY journey!


Day 1-  I woke up very  early (about 4:30 am)  I had to be to my temp assignment at 9:00 and wanted to make sure I got my  post done for the day.    I applied three sprays under my tounge per the instructions.   I must admit I did not feel anything  on the first application.

About 10:00 am  I decided It was time for a second application…..  Now this one I felt within 10 minutes, it was slow and gradual.   What did I notice first?   I noticed I did not feel like I need a break, and very clear mind too….  woo hoo!

Third application for the day was taken at 2:00 pm as I was getting in my car to go home.   My normal routine when I temp for the day  is come in door, put on yoga pants and tank top  and lay down for 20 minutes.   No matter what I tell  myself I have found I needed this.  That is until  Now………   I came home and did some housework,  a livestream, made several post  and jumped on a conference call.   I was shocked at how much I accomplished that afternoon and evening.

Day 2 was not so good (not due to the product)  as I forgot to eat, and drink my water for the day.  Big Big mistake.   I actually got a huge reminder that one must always drink plenty of fluid during the day.  It also reminded me to pack some healthy snacks to keep my “tank full” for the day.

Day 3  I must admit I was a little leary to take the product as I was still feeling a little weak from the previous night’s  adventure.  What I forgot to mention is I fainted due to dehydration and the paramedics (omg how embarrassing) wanted me to go get hydrated  vs letting me just go home.

I did however drink lots of liquids during the night and decided the product might just help me get through the day.    I will not lie,  the day was tough as I did go to my temp assignment for the day.   I used the product at  7:00 am,    11:00 am, and again at 3:00 pm.    I did have more mental clarity, however I was still a little weak and did go home and rest.

I look forward to this journey and sharing more, please feel free to join me  on facebook  and/or check back to see/hear how this journey is going as I take my life to the Max.




Do you “See yourself” in the future?

As we jump into the New Year we all  make those resolutions.  Why do we do this?  It is because we have been conditioned year after year to do so.  What resolutions have you actually followed through on?  Come on, be honest.

If we really want to make something happen we need to figure out Why we want it and figure out what it takes to make it happen.  The number 1 resolution made each year is something having to do with fitness.   Most resolve to hit the gym and get healthy and or to reduce weight.   By March 1st most have completely stopped working out and their new way of “reducing” has been long forgotten.

Many also resolve to work on increasing their financial situation, some look for a way to bring more money in.  Some plan to take that dream vacation.   Others resolve to continue their education, take on a hobby, or learn something new, perhaps a new language.

If we do not see ourselves as having done what we are setting out to do we more often than not  fail.  Now I know you are saying to yourself. “where is she going with this”.

In order for us to “see” ourselves reaching our destination no matter what it is  we must  really   SEE  ourselves  at the finish line.   One way to do this is to  write a letter to your future self  sharing the steps you took to get to where you are today (in he future).

Yes a letter, you know like the “snail mail”  actually take a piece of paper and write yourself a letter.

Dear _______________, 

I am so excited to be sharing this with you.   On June 9th I walked into our favorite store and tried on clothes for the first time in years.   OMG, the look on our face when we realised we had shrunk 4 sizes.  We finally bought that little red dress (black is not for us anymore).    Shopping in our closet has been amazing.    Remember coming across that flowered blouse, what were we thinking when we bought it?.

Can you believe we have paid off all of our credit card debt?  Let us vow never to let that happen again (rack up the debt that is)   July 1st  will always be known as the day we were set free.  

You get the picture,  write to yourself and tell yourself the steps you took.  Write how you felt, where were you when you first realized you were achieving what you set out to do.

If your goals are BiG and you have a 1 year, 3 year or more plan send yourself several letters to  get your through each step.    You may not always reach your planned destination, however taking the time to do this will help you set your mind to get you started.   Be sure to put the letter in an envelope and address it to yourself.  Take it out and read it every now and then.

I have been doing this for about three years, has everything happened like I planned?  Absolutely not, however many have, (just in a different way).

If you found this helpful, please feel free to leave a comment, and/or share with others.


Are you a Fast Food Junkie?

As we continue on our Healthy Journey (New Year’s Resolution)  it’s time to venture to  the path called fast food Boulevard   this brings us to our our next step.

Step #2 – Give up one fast food meal a week.  Wait a minute,  let’s back up for a moment shall we…

Fast food establishments make it so very easy for us to just swing in, grab a bite and get on with our day.  They also make it easy for us to add many unhealthy inches and pounds to our bodies.    Reason is, most have calories, sodium, unhealthy fats along with sugar.

Let me start by first start by saying  IF you partake in more than 5 (between 5-7)  fast food meals a week   give up 2 meals a week.  If you partake in more than 2 meals a day more than once a week  try eliminating one of these meals each day.

We tend to eat fast food quickly, try taking smaller bites and chewing food more.  Drink water with your food  (remember we were cutting down on soda in step 1).

Try and plan ahead by making your meal to take  with you, or perhaps keeping healthy snacks with you just to tie you over until you can eat a healthy meal.

If you have not joined us on facebook (our group to help uplift, encourage and offer tips)  please do so.

Please share (in comments below) the place and item your car seems to seek out all by itself .


Helpful tips for your Healthy Journey

Is this year the year your New Year’s Resolution sticks?   Each day is a journey, some smooth, some bumpy and others downright frightful.  The key to a sticking to your  “Get Healthy” resolution is baby steps.

Step#1- Do not jump into a strict diet along with joining a gym all at the same time.   Instead, start incorporating small changes which will make your journey much smoother.   One BIG STEP you can take is give up soda of any kind, along with any other sugary drinks .

The  average number of calories added on a  daily basis is about 400 by drinking soda.  If you are watching calories that is a quick way to use them up.   Choosing to cut back on soda can do wonders for your weight-loss efforts. See how many days you can go without drinking the fizzy stuff.    Please join us on facebook in our healthy Happy journey group.  We uplift, encourage and offer tips to others helping us all stay on the healthy path.

Plans for 2017?

Every year millions of us resolve to  do the same thing,  Lose Weight  and live a healthier lifestyle.

We Vow to do this each and every year, right after we finish that box of yummy chocolates we got for Christmas.   If you are sitting there shaking your head saying “yep, that’s me” you are not alone,   I have been there more times than I can count.

Have you ever stopped and counted the money you have spent on the never ending battle to lose weight? I actually did just that this year, and I was shocked!   If you count the lotions, the potions, this pills, the wraps, the “special food”, the patches  and oh let us not forget all those apps.  It blew my mind I have actually spent  5K (shhh do not tell  my hubby).    The Exercise equipment alone was  ridiculous .  First came the weight set (sits in a corner),  Then came the Treadmill, which did get lots of use however, the Dr said it was bad on the hips.   The Elliptical came next, this I still use.  We will not mention all those “gimmick items that were tossed in between.

The “More Mature” (never old) I get  I am concerned with being healthy.  Healthy, not broke.

If you are finding yourself in this same boat, I invite you to join me over the next few weeks as I share some helpful tips with you. These tips will also be shared in my facebook group please join us as we encourage, uplift and cheer one and other  along.

What if there was a way to Gain improved health while losing weight doing something most of us have been doing daily for years??????



Trouble finding time to Read?



I love learning, all the experts say read daily, however when I read I fall asleep.   Now I do not know about you, but I find it hard to read and sleep at the same time. Since I decided to learn as much about network marketing as I possibly can  this was causing a problem.

Webinars are fabulous for picking up helpful tips and tricks, however my schedule does not always mesh with the sponsors.  Many do not offer replays so that avenue is not always  the best either.

I have found the perfect tool one can use wherever you are.  You can even use this while at your other JOB.  What you say…..

Podcasts.  I LOVE them.  this is fast becoming my  #1 tool I use.   Did you know you can even share them from your phone now?  You can save them and listen over and over again.  Everytime I listen to one I pick up several tidbits I can utilize and share with others.

I thought I would share some of my favorites with you .

  1. Home  Business Profits with Ray Higdon  –   Ray is a Online MLM Leader & Homebased Business Entrepreneur, his down to earth no nonsense way he shares is just what the Networking Dr ordered.    His Blog is one of the best resources of information too.
  2.  The Leadership Lifeline with Steve Q Wiltshire  –  Steve shares his interviews with top leaders in the industry.  I love how he delves into how/what they did to reach their level of success.   Finding  myself (you will too) in other leaders  is a great way to  let you know you are on the right path or not depending on the issue at the moment and where one is in their own head.
  3. Network Marketing Moguls with Grant Cardone  is  one that I listen to every now and then.  Grant interviews  top leaders  in each session.

We often hear people say, “I am really busy”  we all are  however, we can always take time to learn  while  doing things we have to do,like   take a shower,  clean the house,  drive  from here to there.   Infact,  listening to these podcast make my  cleaning task so enjoyable.  Driving  at times makes one very sleepy, listening to  one of these keeps me awake and eager to hear more.    What do you listen to?  please feel free to share in the comments.