Over 50 is Not the Time To Slow Down


Recently I was confronted with the fact that I am getting older,  What the ^&%%$ !!

I was at a family event and someone said “so and so is getting old”   Now this would not normally alarm me I would just move on…… Except the person they were speaking about was a few years younger than me!!!

I just could not let the group of people go on thinking that age defines who we are.  I am the first to admit I use to think If someone was over 50 they had one foot in the grave and their life was over.

Why is it society  does this?  I admit it is not as bad as it use to be, since we humans are living longer.

Here are a few wonderful things I have found after reaching 50.

  1.  I am more  Comfortable in my own skin-  I am not as self conscience about fitting in.
  2.  I can let things go- I do not dwell on who said what to whom.
  3.  I now know If it is to be it it is up to me to make it happen.
  4.  Life is a journey not a Destination!

For anyone out there that is feeling like the glass in empty, unsatisfied, sad, or lonely  remember  YOU are in charge of your life. Get connected with 5 people you want to be like .  Please remember…… If you choose those just like you now your circumstances WILL not change.

If you are retired, find something to do, volunteer or perhaps become an entrepreneur (you choose the speed to work)  These are great ways to make friends and better yet mentor others.  It is our time to give back to others.

If you know someone that needs to be reminded that Life is a journey not a destination and should be enjoyed at all stops along the way  please feel free to share this with them.

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