Why set a Resolution?


When the end of the Year gets near most of us start thinking about how we want to change  things to better ourselves in the New Year.

What if we did this all year long vs  a month , what do you think the outcome would be?

This year I am throwing tradition out the window…..  I am working on being the best I can be all year long!
I know you are sitting there thinking “sure you are”.

How am I going to  do this?

I have am working with  a group of people  that are tired  being distracted by Squirrels,   I know how that feels I HAVE BEEN IN THAT BOAT TOO!

How does this group work?   We all work at staying on task each day with some very simple tools.  Getting back to basics with a Day timer, a Day Plan and a very simple worksheet.   Once we master the task of staying focused we will introduce  simple things to help each person be a more productive  worker.   Focus  is huge, too many of us get sidetracked by shiny objects (did you just see that squirrel run by)

You Thought I was joking?

If you have found yourself up that same tree and would like a way to “get back on track”  feel free to join us,  we are working from a facebook group.

To get started just click here

There is no better time than Right NOW to get started, Why wait until after the New Year!!!

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