No time in the morning for breakfast?

I never use to  eat breakfast, I felt I did not have the time.  Then I decided to start going to  that famous coffee shop and grab something with my morning cup of coffee. Results? I gained weight an spent way too much money.

That was  before I left the corporate grind…….  I then started having my morning coffee at home and started eating from the time I got up to the time I went to  bed.  NOT a healthy start to my  daily grind.  Results…. gained weight.

What was my solution?  I started making a frittata with eggs and vegetables  this was all I needed until lunch.  This was a great fix  and not having to think about what I was going to have was a bonus.

Recently I took a part time job that has me out of the house before six am a few days a week.  I have learned that If I do not eat breakfast I am not my best.   The hunt was on for a quick fix to  make sure I made sure I ate.    I figured this may be a dilemma for others so here is one for you to try.

Scrambled Egg Medley

This was so super easy, the best part….  I can  make it Sunday for the whole week.


six eggs (farm fresh is best)

sausage ( I like Turkey )

Vegetables (get creative )




fresh spices, salt & Pepper

cheese if you please

Mix together

 Pour into muffin tins ( I love the pampered chef brownie pan), spray the pan with oil before pouring the medley in.  bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes  (make sure they are cooked thoroughly ). Let rest until cool

When ready to eat heat in microwave.  Get creative  add a slice of avocado, English muffin and or have with fruit.


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