Do you “See yourself” in the future?

As we jump into the New Year we all  make those resolutions.  Why do we do this?  It is because we have been conditioned year after year to do so.  What resolutions have you actually followed through on?  Come on, be honest.

If we really want to make something happen we need to figure out Why we want it and figure out what it takes to make it happen.  The number 1 resolution made each year is something having to do with fitness.   Most resolve to hit the gym and get healthy and or to reduce weight.   By March 1st most have completely stopped working out and their new way of “reducing” has been long forgotten.

Many also resolve to work on increasing their financial situation, some look for a way to bring more money in.  Some plan to take that dream vacation.   Others resolve to continue their education, take on a hobby, or learn something new, perhaps a new language.

If we do not see ourselves as having done what we are setting out to do we more often than not  fail.  Now I know you are saying to yourself. “where is she going with this”.

In order for us to “see” ourselves reaching our destination no matter what it is  we must  really   SEE  ourselves  at the finish line.   One way to do this is to  write a letter to your future self  sharing the steps you took to get to where you are today (in he future).

Yes a letter, you know like the “snail mail”  actually take a piece of paper and write yourself a letter.

Dear _______________, 

I am so excited to be sharing this with you.   On June 9th I walked into our favorite store and tried on clothes for the first time in years.   OMG, the look on our face when we realised we had shrunk 4 sizes.  We finally bought that little red dress (black is not for us anymore).    Shopping in our closet has been amazing.    Remember coming across that flowered blouse, what were we thinking when we bought it?.

Can you believe we have paid off all of our credit card debt?  Let us vow never to let that happen again (rack up the debt that is)   July 1st  will always be known as the day we were set free.  

You get the picture,  write to yourself and tell yourself the steps you took.  Write how you felt, where were you when you first realized you were achieving what you set out to do.

If your goals are BiG and you have a 1 year, 3 year or more plan send yourself several letters to  get your through each step.    You may not always reach your planned destination, however taking the time to do this will help you set your mind to get you started.   Be sure to put the letter in an envelope and address it to yourself.  Take it out and read it every now and then.

I have been doing this for about three years, has everything happened like I planned?  Absolutely not, however many have, (just in a different way).

If you found this helpful, please feel free to leave a comment, and/or share with others.


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