Have you Jumped into the Live Stream Pool?



First we had Periscope, Then we had Facebook live. Now we are able to go live and share through so many different venues.  My question for you is Have you tried it?

Some of us were very early adopters of this fabulous new phenomenon and love sharing with others about WHY one would want to use it.  There are so many reasons to use it  regardless if you are in business or not.  People are now using their mobile devices as their source of getting information and entertainment.   You have an audience waiting for you , you just have to go and “attract their attention”

Many in Business  are using this to introduce themselves to their audience.  That audience is growing each and every day.  You see, people do business with people they  know, like and trust.  Live streaming video  is just that, LIVE !   There is no better way to get to know someone than to watch them day in and day out.    I like to tell people  They get to know you , imperfections and all.

This technology changes each and every day, sometimes it makes my head spin (in an exciting way of course).   One could only live stream from a mobile device, now you can use your laptop too.  If you would like to know more and/or keep on on the every changing trends.

I found this facebook Live training very valuable you might too, better yet, it’s free

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