It’s time to show some mutual kindness and respect


During this Political season I have noticed many families and friendships have been tested like never before.   Never in my lifetime have I experienced such bashing, calling of names and actual fighting between people as this campaign.   Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all treat this subject like other differences we have?

Now I know many of you will be saying  “But I am Right in what I think”  and yes you may feel you are right.   However,  what if we thought about it like this…….


You like Pepsi and your friend likes coke, are you going to  disown them and or treat them differently? You go to Walmart and your sister shops only locally owned establishments, does this mean your right and she is wrong?   Do you stop talking to one and other? Do you call each other names?

This campaign has brought out the worst in many people, I am shocked at many I have respected and how they  shared their opinion (in the worst way possible).  Spewing venom at anyone who has a differing opinion.

We all have a right to our opinions my question is why do we feel it is our duty to  tell others theirs is wrong.   Let’s all  start sharing some mutual respect.

One can either jump in and treat others with respect or  we can perpetuate the hatred and disrespect .

Which side of the fence will you choose to be on?








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