Do you belong to this prestigious growing group?

Each and every day a new business is formed while many are closing down.  Cost of living is going up, as wages remain the same.  If that was not enough healthcare cost continue to soar.    course-1015601_1280

Many are taking on two or three jobs just to keep afloat, while others are starting home business of their own.  It has been reported that by the year 2020 80% of households will have at least on member  involved with a network business.   New networking opportunities are sprouting up quickly, there is something for everyone.

I have been involved with network marketing for almost 5 years and absolutely love it.


One might be shocked to know that  the fastest growing age group to be getting involved with this type of income generating opportunity  is between the ages of  45-64 and beyond.    It is not a surprise that this is also the fastest growing segment to be involved with Social Media.

For many this is their first time ever to be involved in something like this, however many are finding it to be a viable (and lucrative) way to earn money.

Why is this?  There are many factors

  1.  The need to make money
  2.  The desire to be involved with others
  3.   Some are  using this as a means to subsidise their retirement, as they may have come to the conclusion they are coming up short.
  4.   To be able to give back to others, this may be vehicle in which to  give back to others                                 There are as many reasons as there are people.

Some have lived with the assumption  Network marketing/Direct sales was a scam.   Many are realizing punching a timeclock for years may have been the real scam.

Have you considered  getting your feet wet?  If so there is a Plethora of opportunities waiting for you.   Be sure and do your research to ensure the company will be a good fit.








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