Life is all about a challenge


Recently I Challenged myself to be bold, make changes and embrace all life has to offer.

First change was to tackle my weight issue, now down 17 lbs since May 7th.

Next I took a long look at my financial future and my goals that I wanted to achieve.  I had to take a very hard look at many areas here.   My husband and I  had a financial check up to see where we stood in our Retirement dreams.

Next I had to take a long look at My current career.  I asked myself the following questions

  1.  Are you happy?
  2.  Do you honestly believe you have a future with this company?
  3.  Do you have any Doubts, if so, what are they?
  4.  Are you making money or losing it?tiara diana

I was very sad when I came to a conclusion in order to Thrive and help others do the same I had to cut and run from  my current company.

Once I was ready I left –  The next morning I knew my head and heart were in sync for the first time is many many months.

This got me to  Thinking … There must be others that are ready to make some changes too.

This was the beginning of the formation of The Tiara Lady Happy Healthy Life Challenge.   Are you up for the Challenge to  Change your life?  This will encompass all areas of our lives from Finances, to health to general well being.   Challenges are more fun when you are in a group.

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