Can Coffee really help you lose Weight?

I was a skeptic to say the least.   I saw a video on facebook and the woman was proclaiming she had lost 40 lbs in 4 months.   There was something about the way she said it that made me click on the link.  Now, this  could have been a mistake or my saving grace.

When I messaged her she sent me a link.  I watched a 24 minute video   and was very  intrigued. This video was a naturopathic Dr explaining what  all the ingredients in the 4 products were and how they helped  one naturally lose weight.

I was very delighted to  try this, sooner rather than later.  coffee


Fast forward seven days later, I had my product in hand.  I started the routine that day May 7th (I will not forget that day),

I drank the coffee  and felt  almost an instant  feeling come over me.  It was not the jitters or feeling dizzy.  It was a burst of clear thinking and abundant energy.   coffee-34251_1280

I followed the directions and made sure I drank lots of water- it was weird, but I wanted to drink water  which is very strange as I am not a huge water drinker

About 45 minutes before  Dinnertime I mixed a packet called trim into a bottle of water.  This had a pleasant taste, not too sweet.   I was shocked I ate smaller portions at dinner, and not my normal huge helpings.    an hour before bedtime I then took another packet called Immune mixed with water.

The first day was great  I did not binge, snack or overindulge. Instead I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I followed this routine for six days and  had a “rest day” on the seventh.

Fast forward six weeks later,  I have lost 14 lbs and about 5.5 inches overall.

before after

The huge side benefits besides the weight are   I do not have the huge swings with my blood sugar as I did before. My lower back, hips and knees are no longer in pain.  My mood is on a even keel, happy.   I do not think about sugar, potato chips and all the junk food I did before.  In fact I eat when its time for meals and I am completely satisfied.

I guess when you pray for God to  help you with your weight issues one should be prepared when he puts it right in your lap.

This goes to show you,  even a skeptic can be wrong.   I am glad I listened and took that first step.   If you are in the same boat and would like to learn more, send me a message I feel it is my duty to share with others.   No one should suffer when they do not have too.







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