You agreed to have a Party Now what?

party time frogs Many of us attend parties for our freinds and family that have a Party Plan Business.  We sometimes go   because we Love the Product or are going just to support the one having the party, or the Sales Rep.

We all know the subject of hosting a party is going to come up.  We arm ourselves with reasons WHY we cannot under no circumstances have one. Then before you know it you are saying  “why yes, I would love to have a party” Now What??

First thing is to schedule your date and time right there on the spot with the sales rep,  It is so much better than having them  call you, to get the date solidified.   If you are just thinking about it, please let them know  and they will make arrangements to touch base with you  one, two or three months down the line

Next embrace it, think of it as a great time to catch up with your gal pals or make it a couples event ( if the product allows it)  If the Rep has not had you pick a theme by all means make it a fun event.   If you and your pals love wine, then have a wine down Monday, Tuesday, Wed… you get the idea.  Have an ice cream social and have your guests bring their favorite topping.  This will of course all be fat and sugar free (just kidding, for the gusto). This is a fun party   on a summer night. There are so many themes and reasons to get together and just have fun.  When inviting your friends  sound enthused, make it about them and just getting together.   If you are excited, they will be too.   One thing to remember, not all of your friends will be able to make it.  My advice on this one is  Just Deal with it !!   Enjoy and celebrate those that can and do make it. Make it personal,  and remember a facebook event is not personal unless you send each person a private message/text that is just for them.

Now the this next bit of information is very important The Rep/advisor/Consultant  that has set aside the date and time in their  schedule is depending on you to follow up with your commitment.   We all know things come up, however if there has been no major emergency  make every effort to keep your commitment.    The Consultant not only is depending on you, they may have turned down others for that time because they scheduled with you. Many like you, lead busy lives and plan  not only their schedule but how they will make ends meet.   Don’t get me wrong, most that have a party plan business LOVE people and love to serve.  However, this is Their business and it’s how they pay their bills,  send their children to college and how they live.

Many of these people  do this do make ends meet as their other JOB may not pay them enough and this is the way they are getting ahead. I like to share this analogy,  If you were a hairdresser, waitress, Doctor  and you scheduled an appointment with someone and  they canceled  does that change  things in your day?  Does it change the bottom line?   It may not that day, however  if you had many do it because they thought you did your business as a “hobby”   it would begin to affect things greatly. Every Time someone cancels a party with someone in the Party Plan biz, it effects their bottom line. So what should you do?  think about it this way,   By hosting a party  you are

  1.  Having the chance to recconnect with family and/or friends
  2.  Getting the chance to perhaps learn something new
  3.  Helping support someone else, who may then help support others
  4.  Support Local economy instead of the big box stores
  5.  Introduce someone to a new Product and or Opportunity that just may change their Life

Wow, look at all those reasons to say YES  and follow through.    Changing Lives, one party at a time .

5 thoughts on “You agreed to have a Party Now what?

  1. Great post. Parties can be great fun when you don’t feel pressure to buy something. It also keeps the product in the party goers mind for follow on sales

    1. Thank you
      as more and more take on the party plan world we all need to share how important it is to honor a commitment

      Thanks again for your reply

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