Over 50 and ready for something new?


Some of us reach the age of 50 and have a whole new Zeal for life.  We have reached the age where we no longer care what others think about us, and we want to do what makes us happy.

Whether you have been a stay at home Mom, or have been in the workforce (working for someone else) this is the time we look back and forward at our past and future.

Many are saying to themselves “If only I had….”  Or “I cannot wait to……”    or, you know, wish I had saved more, done more, been more active in this or that.   The other side of that is

I cannot wait to do this or that.  Me, I cannot wait until the day I get to swim with the Dolphins.  My hubby cannot wait to purchase our Minnie Winnie and travel around the USA.

This is the time many of us have either decided to walk away from our “J O B” or have been let go.


This is a great time to seek something that makes us feel good about who we are and what we really want to be doing.   One avenue is Social Marketing, and many are migrating in that direction.  There are so many ways one can do what they love, and make money.


If you do not have a pension or saved for the future this is a perfect fit for you.

If you love to be around people, this is perfect for you.  If you do not like to be around people, well there is a niche for you too.

Many of you may not know what social marketing is, you may know it as Direct Sales or Multi-Level Marketing.   No matter what you call it the sky is the limit for reaching your dreams.

Where do you find something that is right for you?  Jump on line and just start looking.   Investigate the company and whom you are going to sign on with.

Joining a ground floor company (one that has been in business for 1- 5 years) may be your best option to grow.

Have fun and find your wings and soar.





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