Is Leadership Worth it?


Being a Leader in a Direct Sales Company is sometimes a daunting task.  We are always working on ways to motivate, invigorate and encourage those on our team.   What we often do is give so much to others our well has run dry.

Some have asked me what I feel  defines a leader-  I often say someone of integrity, someone who is not afraid to stand up for what is right no matter what the cost.  Someone who serves others, someone that  is always taking action steps.   Recently I added one more, Someone that takes a break every now and then to Refresh, Refuel and Recharge.

I looked back and have found that when I take  small breaks things just happen.  I am not saying take a week off each month.  What I am saying is, take time each day to “step away” and  be you .   Schedule time to be with family without the interruptions.  In other words  be present in your life.

Many people that get into Social Marketing do as little as possible to avoid a leadership role as they do not want to take on the added duties.  My advice to them,  Go for the gold you never know what you will achieve and who’s life you may impact.  Don’t be afraid of success  just be the best you can be.



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