Which boat are you in?

Why am I sharing this?  for the sole purpose of sharing my story and maybe giving a little hope to others in the same boat.

Over the past year I have gained about 20 pounds, along with much self loathing.   I do not think there is a measuring device to measure all of the self loathing I have dumped on myself.   No matter how many times I say “love yourself”  that little voice says “all that extra weight is bad” .  Exercise has not been easy as I find it hard to breath.  My joints, knees and back always hurt.

The most difficult issue for me has  been my clothes not fitting.   You know what I am talking about right?  Shirts and tops  fit too tight as  the girls have suddenly become the size of watermelons (hello) .   The muffin top suddenly looks like a Bundt cake and my feet look a little swollen.  Am I the only one in this boat? Overweight Blues

These are just a few of the reasons I have been working on finding just the right program or product to help me  down the road to liking myself again, stop emotional eating and living a more healthy lifestyle.

Week one has been successful as I have lost 3lbs  along with 2.5 inches overall. I have not stopped to take my afternoon  nap (30 minutes of sleep) at  Three pm, and I am sleeping like a baby.  The most exciting factor is I have not binged, snacked or given in to cravings (as I honestly have not had any).  I am over the moon excited about this, as I had found myself to eat food then feel sick  just to find myself eating more.

Thankful I took the steps, found something to get me started and happy for the ability to share.  My goal is to help others Stop the self loathing and get in the Happy boat called  “Enjoyable Life”.

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Please share in comments- What Boat are you currently in, The Overweight Blues   or  The Enjoyable Life ?





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