The Journey Begins

Pounds vs Inches (1)

Each year as the seasons change from Spring and summer to Winter and fall  I  switch out my clothes.
The last two years I  have found myself with less and less in my closet to wear.I am sure you know what I am talking about right?   We make one pile  for fits us now.  One for  I just might fit into soon , and one for  Oh those are way to big.
This year I was shocked, sad and mad that I now only had two piles,  too small and  fits me now.I have tried to exercise, watch what I put in my mouth, drink water to no avail.
Since I am always telling others to “love themselves” no matter what  I decided to take a dose of my own advice.

I am now on a journey to find personal happiness  with my body. This Journey begins today,  to keep me accountable I decided to share my journey in hopes others can share and or join me in this crusade to  first and foremost get healthy, feel better and most of all Love ourselves.


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