Cute & Hairy but Not so Nice

This Little Creature can  eat and eat, destroying everything it its path.

In fact we have had these little pests come and visit my favorite tree in my yard for the Past few years.

I have tried many over the counter bug solutions, some of them were rather toxic. Before you say anything, I know what you are thinking.  I thought she was into Natural solutions.   That was then,  This is now.

Last year my husband was going to take  matters into his own hands and cut out a few of the branches and burnt them.  I was so excited, thought that did the trick.   WRONG this is what I saw within three days of him doing it his way.

I decided to take matters into my own  hands and see what I could do.

I took my Deflect blend (from Purely ) about 10 drops or so and about 1 Tsp of Dawn Dishwashing Soap and about 2 cups water mixed them together and mixed in a spray bottle.

I sprayed that tree with all of my might.  I must admit I was quite a sight with my Tiara and all.

They all died within a few hours.

  I have my spray bottle and fixins ready to swing into action  This year should They dare to appear.

Don’t Let those Bugs get the best of you.  Remember God Made an Oil for that.

For more info on  ways to get protection this year from this and other pesky bugs visit

 Purely Labs 

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