Be the Star of Your Social Media

One of the first things we as Entrepreneurs do when we start a new venture is to  Jump on social Media and start updating and sharing.

There are so many venues to choose from  Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and so many more.


  These are the most common of the social media venues.   In November I was Introduced to a new (at that time) format called Periscope.

Many just post, post and post some more and we never really get to know the real person behind all of those post.   Until now ,  With the introduction of Live Stream.

Live Stream is available on so many platforms now.   I was introduced to this format in  November 2015 , it has changed how I share Me,  you see people do business with people.  Live Stream  let’s people get to know you .

If you want to up your game, and let people see the real you   this format is for you !   I do Live stream on my personal page, groups and events on facebook.   I am loving seeing so many of my Friends Be the Star of Their own show.

The Diana Show?
Have You Started Your Show?

If you have not jumped into the Live Stream Revolution my question is why not?  When will you star in your own show?



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