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Thank you for joining me on my adventures with my tiara as we travel through this  journey called life.

I’m excited to share with you the many ways that I have learned to be successful in

  • business
  • health
  • networking
  • social media
  • tiara toting

Come along for the ride!  I promise it will be fun.

And don’t forget: Share TWO smiles a day. It’ll be worth it.


During this journey I started a group to do just that. I was tired of all the people just posting in groups and wanted to create a group to help people really interact.

This group has been an amazing labor of love. Many friendships, team members and “real” connections have been formed.

I also have a Page on Facebook called Diana Anderson @TiaraTotingLady sharing life and biz tips.




Health is important to me. I want to be healthy, and I want the people around me to be healthy.

To this end, I’ve begun a journey to my own health and happiness and am excited to share with anyone who is interested in improving their life as well.





life lessons TTL



Earning my tiara wasn’t the easiest of tasks. My life’s experiences have taught me to greet every situation with poise and confidence…and I’m still learning.I look forward to sharing my Life Lessons with you.



videos and vlogsTTL



My journey with social media has been enriched with live streaming and videos. I enjoy sharing my passion for business and life with a live audience. Learn with me!